Raspberry, Blackberry And Mint Infused Water

Our first recipe for you guys! RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY AND MINT!

Besos has its very own water bottle Originally for crystal healing but also has many other uses. (; 

Taste: Refreshing cool tart 


  • high in Vitamin C 
  • highest in antioxidants
  • reduce intestinal inflammation
  • promote youthful skin
  • May Improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome


WhAt YoU NeeD: 

Besos krystal water bottle

5 raspberries

5 blackberries 

2-3 mint leaves 


Empty dome where crystals would normally go and fill with fruit and mint.

If you feel 5 raspberries (5 blackberries) do not fit that is okay fill to your liking. Add mint 2-3 or to desired amount. Once fruit and mint are inside the dome and the bottle is secure for water. You can fill up your water bottle.

WHy wE LiKe iT: Not only does this have health benefits but healthy skin too! Yes please! Also.... great drink for curving away your sugar cravings C;


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